Announcing the Funny Mummies Comedy Fund!

In 2012, I was preparing to take my very first one-woman show to Melbourne Fringe Festival. When I looked at my bank balance and realised that a good chunk of money I'd been anticipating hadn't arrived, I nearly had a nervous breakdown. How the hell was I possibly going to be able to make this happen? I felt like I was failing at my career AND at supporting my family.

I wrote a post about my predicament on FB, honestly not looking for help, just sympathy and ideas on fundraise-quick schemes, when, completely out of the blue, a comedy mate and brilliant woman Jody Ekert messaged me and said "I'll lend you $1000. Send me your bank details."

I couldn't believe it. I cried. Lots. She put zero conditions on it, said to just pay it back when I could and it took the hugest weight off my shoulders. I could actually pay for my flights, child-minding and some promotion for my show that ended up winning the award for Excellence in Cabaret that year.

Last year a fellow mama comedian and friend of mine was having a similar breakdown and was faced with the real prospect of not being able to afford taking her wonderful show to Adelaide Fringe. She too, posted about her predicament on FB and I was moved to... da da da da... message her and say "I'll lend you $1000. Send me your bank details."

She couldn't believe it. She cried. Lots. Again, zero conditions on it, I said to just to pay it back when she could and explained it felt like the perfect thing to do given the kindness I'd been extended way-back-when!

Anyway, she paid it back this week and I want to keep this pay-it-forward scheme going! So, I'm so thrilled to launch the Funny Mummies Comedy Fund!

I'm taking this $1000 and splitting it in 2 lots of