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Are you a passionate Funny Mummy who loves our community and wants to go down in history as being a Founding Funny Mummy?


We would love to invite you to be one of the very first Funny Mummies to step up and commit to making our community the best it can be, as we become bigger and better.


By signing on to a gold coin donation each week, you’ll get: 

  • immortalisation on our Honour Board of Founding Funny Mummies, which will take pride of place on our website and Facebook group FOREVER* (*well, as long as the internet is a thing); and

  • an EXCLUSIVE ONCE-ONLY EVER “Founding Funny Mummies” magnet, to proudly display on your fridge and/or metallic appliance of choice. 

Our call for Founding Members will close on August 31st 2021.

Please click on your choice of gold coin donation or annual donation below. 

Thank you so much for being such a crucial part of the Funny Mummies community!


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