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Forget Elf on a Shelf!

It’s time for Mum on a Bum!

This festive season, give your household a true xmas miracle: a mother sitting on her arse doing sweet FA.


Surprise the kids each day with a new exciting development!

Will Mum on a Bum greet them chilling out in the freezer?

Will Mum on a Bum pop up hiding in the shoe cupboard, singing “looking for love in all the wrong places?”*


Will Mum on a Bum be caught red-handed sitting in a shame spiral amongst a packet of empty chocolate wrappers?

Or… hand her over to the kids to surprise YOU each day! If you dare…


Don’t let the stress of the holiday season bum you out… …get your groove back, with your very own Mum on a Bum!


Spirit lifting guaranteed.**

At just 125mm tall (5inches, or the height of two eggs, four coffee pods or 83% of the average hamster) Mum on a Bum is a go anywhere companion.


*Metaphor only. Mum on a Bum is not a musical toy.

**Spirit lifting not actually guaranteed. Results may vary, please see a doctor, or phone a friend if emotional pain persists.



Mum on a Bum is an exclusive creation of Funny Mummies in collaboration with visual artist Barbsiegraphy who can be found at


Orders have now closed!

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