Funny Mummies “Joy-Nugget” Mission!

We’re on a mission to send out an en masse joy-nugget bomb to our fellow FMs who are having a rough time of it in iso at the moment. If that’s you, or somebody you know, we want to give you a pick me up!

To RECEIVE a joy-nugget, or to nominate somebody to receive one, click here. The deadline to sign up is Friday 23rd July.

If you’d like to send a joy-nugget care pack to a fellow FM, that would be amazing! Spending limit of $10, but home-made, regifted, upcycled, crafted or whatever is absolutely fine. The point isn’t to spend money, it’s to uplift our fellow mamas with something fun/funny/joyful/creative etc.

To SEND a joy-nugget, fill out the form below. 


Thank you!


Send a Joy-Nugget
Please pop your details below and we’ll match you up with a joy-nugget recipient. We promise not to ever give your details to anybody else.

Thank you so much for signing up to send a Joy Nugget! The FM elves will be matching you up with a recipient shortly, we'll be in touch with details. Thank you again ever so much for being willing to help in spreading some much-needed kindness right now. xxx