Funny Mummies Pick Me Up Gift Exchange


Wow. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling overwhelmed by my even-more-bumpy-than-usual emotional rollercoaster at the moment. Would a pick me up surprise package in the mail help? I think it might, even just a little bit.


Pop your name down to receive and send one, and I’ll be in touch with details. You send a little something to a stranger - recycled, regifted, handmade, secondhand are all highly encouraged, it’s not about spending money - to lift their spirits, and somebody will send you something too.


There’s no cost other than postage and your time. I’d love to encourage you to be part of it (and if postage cost is a deterrent please contact me, we’ll take care of it in the name of spreading some good juju around).



Thanks so much for signing up to the gift exchange! The FM elves will be matching you up with a sender shortly, we look forward to you forgetting all about this so you can be surprised soon!