Funny Mummies Mothers' Day Gift Exchange

Right! I’ve had enough disappointing Mothers Days in my lifetime and I’ve decided to reclaim it:


I’m gonna make my own damn Mothers Day plans and they’re gonna rock!


In this spirit… announcing the Mothers Day Funny Mummies Joy Nugget exchange! It’s absolutely free to be part of it, well other than postage*, your gift (though please see below, spending $ is not the point) and your time.


Here’s how it works:


Pop your details in the form below (this registers you to receive and send a package), and I’ll be in touch with the details of who you’re sending it to!


Put together a little joy nugget to send to lift the spirits of a fellow Funny Mummy - recycled, regifted, handmade, secondhand are all highly encouraged, it’s not about spending money - and somebody will send you something too.


That’s it! Point number three is completely unnecessary!


Get in on it. We’ll be closing registrations on Sunday 1st May and sending out details to participants first thing Monday morning.

Jen xx


*If postage cost is a deterrent please contact me at jennywynter (at) and we’ll try and take care of it in the name of spreading some good juju around. Xxx


Thanks so much for signing up to the gift exchange! The FM elves will be matching you up with a sender shortly, we look forward to you forgetting all about this so you can be surprised soon!